We offer dynamic financing solutions for investors, developers, and systems owners.


Our team works on behalf of strategic investors, corporate investors, non-profit investors, and individual renewable energy investors to find and acquire appropriate renewable energy investments. Specifically, our clients include independent power producers, private equity funds, family offices, Fortune 500 companies, high net worth individuals, and select developers who are looking to acquire or co-develop renewable energy projects.

Depending on each renewable energy investor’s preferences, we help place equity, tax equity, debt, or combinations of all three.

Some examples of our work include helping:·

  • a Fortune 100 company originate and place tax equity into 5 MW of solar project pipeline
  • a private equity investor fund a project with New Market Tax Credits
  • a group of high wealth individuals invest $1.4 million in an upfront SREC fund

Our investors typically have access to at least $10 million in funds that are committed to renewable energy projects, and have a track record of investment in solar projects. However, we are increasingly working with investors with tax appetite, who may have never previously invested in solar, but do have experience in similar tax-driven structured investments. For these investors, we provide origination services, underwriting, financial structuring and analysis, insights into accounting considerations and analysis,and asset management services.

Please note that Sol Systems' individual renewable energy investment solutions are not available to the public at large, and are currently only available to select accredited investors due to federal and state limitations.

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To learn more about the services we offer to investors, please read about our investor advisory services and check out our Investor FAQs.  If you would like to get started, please contact us at 888-235-1538 or finance@solsystemscompany.com.