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SREC Prices & Knowledge

SREC prices are constantly changing, but when monetized properly, solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) can be a very valuable component of project financing for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar energy systems.

SRECs: Our Approach

At Sol Systems, we provide SREC owners with three unique options to monetize their SRECs: Sol Annuity, Sol Upfront, and Sol Brokerage. Customers that select Sol Brokerage are eligible to receive a quarterly SREC payment and are paid the weighted average price of all SREC sales in that quarter. Our approach differs from SREC brokers and auction-based platforms in that we have in-house experts who are constantly monitoring SREC markets, communicating with SREC buyers (mainly utilities and energy suppliers), and achieving the highest market-based SREC prices available on behalf of our customers.

For example, if the Sol Systems portfolio team sells Maryland SRECs on behalf of three Sol Brokerage customers in Q1 of 2014, the below table demonstrates the hypothetical volume and price details of each transaction. Although the spot market value declined throughout the quarter, all three customers would receive the weighted average price of $136.88 per Maryland SREC sold that quarter.  

  Sale Date # of SRECs Sale Price
Customer 1 2/2/2014 5 $140
Customer 2 2/15/2014 1 $135
Customer 3 2/21/2014 2 $130
    Q1 Weighted Average Price $136.88

SREC Prices

Since our inception in 2008, the Sol Systems team has established a reputation of clearing at the highest spot market SREC prices available on behalf of our residential and commercial SREC customers. Please see below for our most recent Sol Brokerage spot market SREC prices, which we update on this page every month.

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