We solve key issues in the solar industry through innovation and standardization.

Our Thinking

Sol Systems exists to promote growth in the solar industry, an industry that we believe is critical to a sustainable, healthy future. Financing remains the critical barrier to growth in the solar industry. We believe that for our industry to scale, we must fundamentally change the financing infrastructure, process, and channels in order to expand the pool of capital.


Sol Systems is focused on solving the key financing issues within the solar industry, by:

  • Providing niche financing tools for a spectrum of project opportunities
  • Driving efficiency and promoting standardization to reduce transaction costs
  • Expanding the pool of tax equity investors for the industry
  • Educating and engaging non-traditional investors about the opportunity to invest in the solar asset class 
  • Offering investment opportunities to the public at large
  • Structuring investments so that our investor clients are more connected to the underlying assets
  • Acting as a resource to the solar community 
  • We provide the solar community with information and insights about the industry. To view our most recent articles, please view our blog.